Soel Yachts

Soel Yachts provides a better and sustainable alternative for coastal water passenger transportation. Our self-sustaining boats result from the passion for sailing and our mind-set for contributing towards a healthier planet. By following our mission, we eliminate fuel costs, engine noise and exhaust fumes, while introducing 100% green solutions for salt water applications in ocean environments. Our latest autonomous vessel, the SoelCat 12 exists in order to let you enjoy the sea to its full potential, again.

Soel Yachts

Enjoy the sea

It is our mission to change the way we treat our earth through innovation. And we must #fortheoceans. 
Silence is golden. Solar eliminates the noise, smell and fuel costs. Be fuel independent and listen to the sounds of the ocean unobstructed. Enjoy the sea to it’s full potential.

Marketing en communicatie vacatures bij Soel Yachts

Hieronder staan de (online) marketing & communicatie vacatures bij Soel Yachts die momenteel aangemeld staan op het platform van Marketing & Communicatie Vacatures. Zijn er momenteel geen vacatures? Hou dan onze social media kanalen in de gaten voor updates of meld je aan op de nieuwsbrief, zodat jij als eerste op de hoogte bent van nieuwe marketing & communicatie vacatures en stages bij Soel Yachts in Delft!

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