Wundershift is a global digital agency based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We help our clients reach digital breakthroughs in a world of accelerating change. Clients include KPN, TMG Online & Google.


We’re not futurists, we’re solutionists. Our clients are faced with real challenges today and are looking for scalable and lasting solutions -not prophecies.

Three reasons to hire Wundershift 

Amongst other things, Wundershift will bring you:

  1. cross-industry digital perspective with backgrounds in IT, Telco, CE, Gaming, Content & Media in both mobile & web environments;
  2. On average +10 years digital experience with strong brands & market leaders;
  3. A consistent strategic focus combined with a practical getting-things-done mentality.

But what is a Wundershift?

It’s the shift in what your customers wonder at, are amazed about and what fills them with awe.

For more than 100.000 years our sense of wonder was mainly spurred by natural events like storm, thunder, fire and our own voice. Over the past 250 years our sense of wonder has largely shifted to machines and artifacts we’ve built ourselves. Nobody thinks about the future anymore, instead we seek instant gratification. And we get bored. Really fast.

Just think of the adoption rate of the iPad. This wundergerät was only introduced in 2010. Today it’s everywhere and many big brands in the offline world are still struggling to find a place on the home screen (are you?).

The innovation acceleration and disruptive cycles of the last 20 years (largely enabled by the Internet) make it increasingly difficult for incumbent companies to surprise and delight customers with products and experiences.

We are here to help you grasp this accelerating wundershift. 

Our mission & ground rules

It’s our mission to help our clients reach digital breakthroughs in a world of accelerating change. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. These are our ground rules:

  1. We only accept assignments where we can create digital success, we don’t take your money if we can’t make you win.
  2. We design digital products that are a pure and direct representation of your authentic and unique company values.
  3. Our products need to enhance the life of your customers and embrace their humanity.
  4. We don’t believe in empty messages and we don’t do buzzwords. We believe you deserve better.

If you have any doubts whether your strategy and digital roadmap make sense and you want to start delighting your customers on the digital fronteer, let’s start the conversation.

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