Rockstart is the global brand for startups. We're building a one-stop infrastructure that builds on top of existing initiatives to bring the energy, urgency and visibility to quickly launch new and successful ventures. We do this not by isolation, but by having organizations work together based on passion and one common goal.


Why we do this

The Rockstart Manifesto:

About Rockstart

We're headquartered in Amsterdam and we're expanding our activities in new markets and geographical regions:

Rockstart Accelerator ('12 & '13 TNW Dutch Startup Award Winner for 'Best Investor')
Intensive 100-day coaching program that sources 10 innovative startups from all over the world and brings them to Amsterdam to make them 'investor ready' by offering them expert mentoring, seed funding and shared resources.

Rockstart Spaces
Startup offices with essential startup resources; inner-city location, heterogeneous startup crowd and an continuous influx of mentors, investors and peers.

Rockstart Answers
The smart, peer-2-peer Q&A game that helps entrepreneurs answer business questions by using live expert input. Using our tested model, Rockstart Answers unlocks all the knowledge of our coaches panel to maximize the impact for the participating startups.


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