RNW Media

RNW Media: a media organisation for social change. In parts of the world where change is hard to achieve because freedom of speech is restricted, we use media to make lives better.

RNW Media

We work with people aged 15 to 30. If you want to change society, young people are the ones who make a difference. But to shape a better future, they need information. So we help them get access to independent journalism and media.

Our three core themes are democracy and good governance, sexual health and rights and international justice. This reflects the ideals of our home country the Netherlands, with its democratic tradition, open-minded attitude to sexuality and global standing as the home of the International Criminal Court.

Creating communities

We have a talented team of young journalists and specialists from all over the world, who are passionate about the value of their work. And unique to RNW Media is our close relationship with partner organisations and citizens in our target regions. We talk, we team up, we work together on an equal footing. We draw on local expertise to co-create and exchange content. Our vast network isn't just about media production, it's about people. We build and connect communities.

RNW Media is devoted to using media in innovative ways, leaving behind old models of broadcasting and news production. We help young media producers to connect with their audiences, in specific communities, using persuasive storytelling. Our training centre RNTC believes in creativity and fresh approaches to content. And we're excited by the way social media and the world online brings people together.

Media with the courage for change

RNW Media works with countries where freedom of expression is severely restricted. The list today includes China and 17 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Arab world. We give access to information that isn't available in the local media because of laws or taboos.

Knowledge and dynamism

In 2014, RNW Media reached more than 15 million people through its websites, an increase of almost 50 percent on the previous year. In the same period, our social media community doubled to more than three million. Over 80 percent of our visitors agree that our websites open their eyes to different perspectives and help them form an opinion. Three out of four say we make it easier to discuss taboo subjects.

What's our secret? RNW Media has the energy and dynamic growth of a young organisation. But we are also lucky to have our roots in the former Dutch international broadcaster, with a heritage stretching back almost 70 years. We can back up our drive to innovate with a huge resource of knowledge and networks. This is how we've been able to create an entirely new form of media organisation, with the power to help transform societies and improve lives.

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