m―wise BV

m―wise is a marketing organization that is specialized in customer-oriented retail marketing. For 15 years m—wise has been helping retailers and wholesalers build more solid and profitable relationships with their customers. We take loyalty to a new level and developed numerous fun but highly effective loyalty programs. All with one goal in mind: to make your company your customer’s absolute favorite! During these years we’ve learned a lot about the relationships between companies and their consumers. An unrivalled knowledge that you’ll find reflected in our innovative solutions and services.


Passion for retail

We gather and analyze your customer data. Based on these insights, we develop results-oriented marketing campaigns and programs. We do this in a practical manner, focusing on measurable results. And while doing so we act quickly and respond to current developments. Because retail is our passion, the hand-on approach is our strength.


Retail, business intelligence, Big data, direct marketing, Data mining, Loyalty marketing, Mobile marketing, Interactive Marketing.


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