First Day of Spring

First Day of Spring is a new generation marketing agency specializing in the global target group Young Influentials. Young Influentials are at the centre of change and innovation. Young Influentials are opinionleaders in our society and in your market. Young Influentials make or break your brand. We develop, build & revitalize brands in co-creation with our global network of Young Influentials.

First Day of Spring

We develop, build and revitalize brands

In co-creation with Young Influentials we support our clients with inspirational insights,
on-trend brand innovation & development and highly effective communication campaigns.

Young influentials create the future

Young Influentials are the innovators and opinion leaders in our society. They are bright, well-educated young adults currently in their early twenties to mid-thirties.

They are a global community of persuasive influencers and game changers across business, politics and culture. And while they may not always speak each other’s languages, they share similar ambitions, desires and ideas about the world. They are a driving force of conversation and innovation.

For brands, Young Influentials are the world’s alpha audience, the ones every major label aims to court, both for their future spending power as well as for their ability to effortlessly and instantaneously transmit products and ideas around the globe.

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