Eternal Sun

Eternal Sun is a high-tech company based in Delft, the Netherlands. Founded as a spin-off from Delft University of Technology, we are specialized in solar simulation technology for the purpose of product and material testing. Our solar simulation solutions are innovative, reliable and practical in use, and therefore chosen by many worldwide customers who aim for nothing but the highest quality.

Eternal Sun

About Eternal Sun

Vision Eternal Sun

We observe an increasing demand for higher product quality and longer product lifetimes, this demand is leading towards the production of more sustainable products. Combined with global changes in the position of various renewable energy sources as a reliable and permanent energy source these paradigm shifts will create a more sustainable society. Eternal Sun is determined to play a role in this transition.

Mission Eternal Sun

Providing our customers with innovative, easy-to-use equipment and services in order to enable them to develop better materials, better products and to do a more thorough quality-control. We do this by actively thinking together with our clients about their challenges, their ambitions and their future plans.

Our core values

Our core values are what guides all our activities; our decision making, our design, our manufacturing, our communication; it shows our way of doing business.

  • Quality. We pursue high quality in our products, whether it is a solar simulator or the packaging that comes with it.
  • Innovation. Driven by technical innovation, we are able to stay in the forefront of solar testing equipment. We do so by rethinking each customer’s case with a fresh mind.
  • Customer engagement. Technical know-how is one thing. Translating this into a fitting solution for the customer is something else. By thinking actively with our customer we deliver tailored solutions.


Eternal Sun believes in the potential of solar and the potential of technical students, therefore we sponsor the two solar related raceteams of the Delft University of Technology: The Nuon Solar Team, famous for winning the World Solar Challenge in Australia 5 times and the Delft University of Technology Solar Boat Team which is competing in the Solar Boat World Cup and the Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup (Monaco) this year. Part of this sponsorship is helping them to improve the performance of their solar racing equipment with advanced solar simulation equipment and specialized testing services. The subsequent aim is showing the world the possibilities of advanced technology and solar power and inspiring people to strive for a more sustainable future.

The ‘NUNA’ solar car of the dutch Nuon Solar Team

Career at Eternal Sun

At Eternal Sun we realize our people are at the core of our success. As our solar simulation systems are highly complex and innovative, they require solution-oriented thinking, creativity and responsibility from our team. We believe that small, project-based teams of professionals with different backgrounds will have the greatest success when it comes to our clients’ problems. Within teams, we do not believe in hierarchy. An intern is able to freely engage with management and heads of sales without the weight of titles or the length of your career.

The area of solar simulation is a very new area of technology and therefore you will be learning and growing on the job. We are active in a lot of emerging markets, such as solar pv and solar thermal, aerospace, and bio-chemicals. As such, training and education is critical and will be given throughout the engagement.

The opportunities we offer are inspiring because of what we do and who we collaborate with. As a firm with customers worldwide, we are working with the best research institutes, the largest technical universities, the best innovation departments and everything in between. We are also proud to be working with the best technical students of the Netherlands on their solar-racing related projects (Solar Boat and Nuna 8).

Career at Eternal Sun

We are looking for people who have an unusual blend of passion, skills, dedication, and energy. As we are continuously solving our clients’ problems you need to be an excellent problem solver, you need to enjoy working in teams, and you are required to have a somewhat entrepreneurial spirit. On top of that you are expected to be an interesting person beyond the office. We thrive when our teams are a healthy mix of different backgrounds, cultures, genders, education, interests, and skills.

If you share our ambition to be innovative, dedicated and successful, Eternal Sun has opportunities for you.


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